Financial Information

Earn credits while studying abroad the affordable way!


The estimated cost for participation in the Hessen-Wisconsin Exchange varies and depends on the Hessen campus you will be studying at. But, on average, the cost to spend a semester or year abroad on the Exchange is comparable to studying at the University of Wisconsin for the same length of time. While overseas you pay for the same expenses as you pay for now in Wisconsin, namely housing, meals, semester fees, health insurance and personal expenses. In addition, there will be costs for travel to and from Germany as well as maybe vacation travel. So why stay home when you can earn credit overseas for about the same amount of money? 


For the Hessen-Wisconsin Exchange you remain registered at your home campus and pay home tuition for the minimum number of 12 credits (undergraduate) or 9 credits (graduate) per semester. If you are attending a short-term summer or winter program, the home tuition is for a minimum of 6 credits. 

Other pre-departure costs include airfare, passport, a study abroad administration fee, a UW System coordination fee, and UW System health insurance. Please contact your International Office for detailed information. Wisconsin students do not pay segregated fees, differential tuition, municipal fees, United Council fees or similar to their home campus. Instead, they pay the equivalent of these types of fees directly to their German host institution.


Estimated Costs in Hessen: Please click on the following links to find more information about costs in Hessen for a semester or a short-term stay. You pay directly for the listed items as they occur during your stay overseas. The figures should be regarded as estimates that are subject to change and as minimum out-of-pocket-expenses. The estimate does not include personal entertainment or independent travel abroad. Please note that you need to take out a mandatory German health insurance, in addition to UW System health insurance, in order to be admitted to the host institution.


Students who budget carefully will find the estimates to be reasonably accurate and that studying abroad is within their financial reach.


NOTE: Students should be prepared for significant expense shortly after arrival for dorm deposit and first month rent. 






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